What do we do?

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Our job is to facilitate decision making in the development and management in corporate law projects, corporate social responsibility (CSR) and corporate governance, with a comprehensive and comprehensive view of the globalized world.

Corporate Law

The legal services offered by Castillo & Co. are aimed at small and medium-sized national and foreign companies, non-profit foundations and associations and entrepreneurships, creating the most efficient and effective corporate structures for their businesses.
  • Contracts: We support our clients in the development of their activities, whether advising in the negotiation of contracts, or in commercial transactions, such as their incorporation, financing, mergers, joint venture and other corporate or contractual combinations.
  • Intellectual property: Registration of trademarks and patents at national and international level, copyrights, technology transfer, oppositions and resources.
  • Creation of companies: Constitution of national and foreign companies and non-profit entities, legal risk assessment, company restructuring, civil and commercial contracts.
  • Foreign Investment: Registration and cancellation of foreign investment, updating of foreign investment; Entry and exit of foreign exchange, imports or export payments; Guarantees and capital investments, procedures before the Banco de la República and other competent entities.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

In the field of CSR, our objective is to contribute to the social and economic development of our clients. Our advice focuses on:
  • Diagnosis of CSR in the company
  • Program for the Development and Evaluation of CSR (in specific areas).
  • Development and implementation of CSR Management Models.
  • Advice on CSR certification processes.
  • Development of CSR assessment models.
  • Evaluation with the community (stakeholders).
  • Benchmarking with other organizations.
  • Ethics applied to the company (courses and organizational training).

Corporate governance

As a complement to CSR, we highlight our interest in sustainability; In that sense, the practices related to the Good Governance of the companies strengthen the future of the same and that of its associates. For this we offer advice in:
  • Advising the Boards of Directors and / or Boards of Directors and Committees in relation to the governance of the company.
  • Creation or modification of governance documents to meet current requirements and best practices.
  • Creation and documentation of controls and procedures in accordance with the Law.
  • Conduct internal investigations, boards of directors and audit committees.
  • Respond to formal and informal investigations by competent authorities.